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    Measure on different Date against Generic Date in Chart

    Mohammad Sarif

      Hi All,

      I have Fact table called Request having Opened_Date, Opened_Month,Closed_Date and Closed_Month. Closed_Date/Moth and Open_Date/Month can be different.

      I need to create a line chart with two Metrics:

      Open_Count: Count({$<Opened_Month ={Last 24 Months}>} Req_number)

      Closed_Count: Count({$<Closed_Month={Last 24 Months}>} Req_number)


      But in X axis we need to have a generic Month that is Prior_Months. Which we have created using below script:





        Date(MonthStart(Today(),-RowNo()+1), 'YYYY-MMM') as Prior_Months


      AutoGenerate 26;



      Could you please help on this.