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    Return Unmatched values


      I wonder if someone would be kind enough to help me.

      I have two tables, one that contains employees that have applied to join a bonus scheme in previous years and one table containing employees that have chosen to join this years shceme.

      I would like to produce a table showing all those people who are joining this years scheme who have not previously applied to join.

      I imagine it to take the form of a table join with a slelection, where the ID# in one table does not exist in the other. I believe in MSAccess this would be classed as an unmatched query

      Being relatively new to qlikview I am not sure where to begin so any pointers would be great.

      Thank you in advance. Saul.



        • Return Unmatched values
          Mike Garciam


          You can create a Flag in the Load Script, using the Exists function. You would have something like:






          from PreviousSchemeTable.qvd;





          If(not Exists(EmpID), 1) as _NewSchemeFlag

          from NewSchemeTable.qvd;


          You would have to check the syntax, but it gives you the idea.

          Hope This Helps.