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    Creating a stacked bar chart in Qlik Sense.

    Chanin D'Souza

      Suppose a number of calls have been made from different people. Same people can call multiple times as well. I want to know the percent (%) of people calling once, calling twice, calling 3 times and calling four or more times in a single stacked bar chart in Qlik Sense.

           Eg: if  1 person (say 'A') calls once,

                     1 person (say 'B') calls twice

                     1 person (say 'C') calls 3 times

                     2 people (say 'D' & 'E') calls 4 times each

                     Then the stacked bar chart should look like

                     Once- 20%,Twice-20%, 3 Times- 20%, 4 Times- 40%

      I have attached a test Excel sheet below (Where ID= Customer ID making Calls)

      And a sample 'Stacked Bar Graph' result image.Calling Status(Edited).png