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    RangSum in Text Object

      Hello Communitiy,

      I have an RangeSum Issue in Qlikview. that I cannot solve on my own. I realy hope you can help me.


      Is it possible to sort a field in the rangeSum function?. It should start to sum with the largest value.


      I tried to build a small example. I have generated three fields with an Inline Table. Supplier, Spend and Complete Spend.

      At the end there should be only one Number in a text object: The Amount of Suppliers, who has 80% of the Total Spend.

      It is important to start with the largest number.


      The Number in the Table is right. 5 is correct, but I cannot get the right number in the text object.:


      rangesum(Above(Total sum(SPEND),0,RowNo(Total)))
      COMPLETE_SPEND) <= 0.8,


      Thank you in advance!