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    Qlik Sense 3.1 service release 2&3 New features

    Robert Hutchings
      • The KPI open in new tab (On / off) is good. But if off it currently wipes out all current selections. On is fine.
      • Pivot table. Moving column. Makes a big difference
      • The color options update is a big improvements. As are the additional symbols (see below).

                Please do more of this like

                - Color by dimension. Can we have other color schemes. And / or customize as required.

                - Color by measure. Also more choice. I don't like either much. And they clash with color by dimension options IMHO

                - Alternatives. The color options need to be linked to the alternative measures. Not just one for all dimensions


      But these changes were a pleasant surprise. Especially as I had assured one new client only last week that it is coming soon (who was disappointed with the lack of color choice)


      Color options.JPG