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    Problem with calculation of a new field/expression over 2 dimensions



      I have a very simple test data set (see INPUT table in xls file for better formatting):



      apo rel_vrd gebj_bucket ddd_bucket

      A 1 j i

      A 2 j ii

      A 2 j ii

      A 4 m iii

      B 5 m ii

      B 3 m iiii

      B 7 m i

      C 8 m iii

      C 9 o iii

      C 7 o ii


      Now I'm trying to calculate a pivot with the following values for selection apo = A (CORRECTION MATRIX UNNORMALIZED AND UNSUMMED in the xls):


      j m o

      i 3 1 -

      ii 6 1 -

      iii - 2 -

      iiii - 1 -

      The values should be calculated as "count( {<apo = >} rel_vrd)" * the vector (j=3, m=1, o=0 for all ddd_bucket), but I can't seem to get this to work in Qlikview.
      Any idea on how to do this?

      xls: http://www.box.net/shared/55mlyrnhs9