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    Date from different tables

    Maciej Rodak



      I've created a master calendar in my set analysis. I've got few tables with different types of data (i.e. budgeted, realised etc.) but they all have date dimension.  I would like to have them all connected to the master calendar. Is this correct and the best solution to that, that I add to Master Calendar a separate row with date to connect invidually to the tables?


      I mean if in tables (Orders, WorkTime, Wages) I've got column named YearMonth (YYYYMM), I need to rename them so that they would be different like YearMonthOrd - for orders, YearMonthWT, YearMonthW and then add the same row to master calendar like it's shown below?


      I would like to avoid creating new dimensions and have in master calendar only one universal value YearMonth




        TempDate AS DocumentDate,

        Year(TempDate)&  Num(Month(TempDate),'00') AS YearMonthOrd,

        Year(TempDate)&  Num(Month(TempDate),'00') AS YearMonthWT,

        Year(TempDate)&  Num(Month(TempDate),'00') AS YearMonthW,

        week(TempDate) As Tydzien,

        Year(TempDate) As Rok,

        Year(TempDate)&  Num(Month(TempDate),'00')  AS YearMonth,

        Month(TempDate) As Miesiac,

        Day(TempDate) As Dzien,