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    I want to get Avg of a Ticket on every day basis.

    Siddharth Gupta

      Hello All,

      I am stuck in this whole excel complexity.How I am going to Integrate on Qliksense???


      I want to load an Excel file every day as Tickets are getting registered everyday what the management wants is getting Average of tickets which are having category 'Down call'.


      What issue I am facing is how I am going to add everyday avg into previous day and taking out the average of all days passed in that month.



      DateTotal TicketFormula applied:-"100-(Total Tickets/13700)*100= UPTIME%"

      My main Problem!!!

      How to make this work?



      #Color coded for better understanding.


      The Final Value will be most important as an KPI whenever the dashboard is opened as UPTIME% will be displayed according to that particular date adding and carrying out average of all previous date and current day.



      Attaching the main excel for easy understanding.

      Important Column: Category=Down Call, Actual Logged Date, Status=Open and Paused



      Please Help me in understanding how this problem can be resolved.



      Siddharth Gupta