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    Pivot table totals

    Denis LOMAKIN

      Hi all,

      I created a set analysis for pivot table to calculate number of donors each moth. The formula displays actual number of donors in completed fiscal month but if a month not completed it displays forecast.

      Here is a formula:

      If(FiscalMonth < Today_FiscalMonth,

      count({<FiscalYear = {'$(=maxstring(FiscalYear))'},[Gift Type] = {[Recurring Gift Pay-Cash]}, DonorCurentSegment = {'New'}>} distinct [Constituent ID]),

      sum({<DonortypeBDFC = {'New'}>} Numofdonors_Forecast))

      It works fine for each month but as total id displays forecast summary instead of adding year to day actuals and forecast.

      Can somebody help me to understand why it is happening?