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    Extract multiple dates per string

    Simon Touyet

      Hi all,


      I have a field that can have multiple lines of text as it list the history of that field.


      For example, one of my fields has the text below in ONE cell:

      "1/19/2017 11:25 AM 01/19/17- No updates

      1/3/2017 9:50 AM 01/03/17- Attempted to validate

      12/22/2016 11:46 AM attempted to validate

      12/13/2016 6:01 AM 12/13/16- Attempted to validate

      11/4/2016 10:50 AM License End Date: 30-DEC-2016"


      When I upload to QlikSense via the load editor, I want to take the first date that appears on the first line of the cell. I tried Date#() etc. but I can't make it work. The rest of teh cell should be ignored.


      How can I extract 1/19/2017 from the first line above?