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    Sum missing data fields if one of four fields are blank?

    Elise Reiter

      I have written the following if function in the data load editor:




          if((ManufSerialNo='' OR Manufacturer='' OR ConstructYear='' OR "Valid From"=''),1,0)as BlankEquipmentField,

          if(ManufSerialNo='',1,0)as BlankManufSerialNo,

          if(Manufacturer='',1,0) as BlankManufacturer,

          if(ConstructYear='',1,0) as BlankConstructYear,

          if("Valid From"='',1,0) as BlankInstallationDate;


      I would like it to count as "1" if any of the four data fields are left blank; however when I sum the data in Qlik Sense I am not getting the correct result as shown in the screen shot attached. I.e. The field with the most blanks should return the same total as the BlankEquipmentField