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    Qlik Sense adding YTD to bar chart with Months as dimension

    Gus Feltham


      1.  I have the following measure for a bar chart that covers Jan16-Dec16 as dimension bars:


      count({<Survey_Question={'3.Call taker'},Question_rating={5} >}[Question_rating])/count({<Survey_Question={'3.Call taker'},Question_rating={1,2,3,4,5,6} >}[Question_rating])


      But I wish to add a bar to the right of these that is for YTD, how do I do this?

      (my dimension is called SurveyDate which is in the form 'MMM-YY')



      2.  I am also using colormix1 to get some color contrast with my bars - the problem is the range is only from 59%-69% for the months

      - so I don't get mach of a color spread as it loos for a calculation between 0 and 1, any ideas on how to improve this?


      colormix1(count({<Survey_Question={'3.Call taker'},Question_rating={5} >}[Question_rating])/count({<Survey_Question={'3.Call taker'},Question_rating={1,2,3,4,5,6} >}[Question_rating]),white(),rgb(0,173,104))