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    QlikSense architecture set up for 10,000 users

    Ramachandar Sivagnanam

      Hi Experts

      I need to create a QlikSense setup for 10,000 users sitting at 6 different geographical locations. Currently we have single node architecture. I have gone through the documents available at Qlik website. But i am confused about the best suitable setup for my scenario. Following are the questions i have in my mind

      1. Generic idea of large enterprise setup which works along with Site minder SSO where strings are tied to a Active directory group for authentication or SSO using tickets ( OAuth standard )
      2. How to externalize a web/proxy server in sense setup for external access ? 
      3. Which deployment console method to use - Multiple sites or Software as a Service (SaaS)
      4. What type of scalability is best suited here - Basic two server deployment or Scaling horizontally with multiple servers