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    Time Sequence in line chart not in correct order

      Dear All,


      I have a set of Data showing the development of certain costs during a period of time.

      Now when I want to depict the development of these costs in a time series using a line chart somehow the date sequnce gets mixed up, if I use the auto calendar function. If I use "month" instead of "weeks" the diagramm will show Nov, Dez, Jan and the Oktober last, which is obviously incorrect as well. The data is scattered over two calendar years starting in October 16 and then continuing until Jan 2017.

      Time Series.JPG


      If instead of the autocalendar expression I use the following script: 


      date(MonthStart([Angelegt am]) , 'MMM YYYY')


      It will show the data in the correct sequence. Does anyone has an idea what is the root cause of this issue and how I can make a correct time series showing the data in a weekly instead of monthly development?


      Time Series_correct.JPG