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    12.1 SR2 log files not being generated

    John Repucci

      I just stood up a new server (W2012, QV12.1 SR2) and copied my applications over from my current server (w2008 QV11.2 SR9)  When I run the applications, I do not see the log file being generated in the application folder as the app is running.  This is a change in behavior from my current server.  On the new server, once the application has finished, then the log file does shows up.


      I also checked the QV log area and the log file does not show up there when the app is running. (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\Log\<date>\,time.\,app name> folder.  )


      This is not helpful when the application hangs or dies, as the partial log file is not available to help debug the issue.


      Yes, I did verify that the "Generate Logfile" setting for the application is ticked.


      How can I get the log file to show up?

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi John,

          If you have "Generate Log File" enabled on the QVW itself, then the document log will be logged to the same folder in which the QVW is stored.


          Are you attempting to locate the document log of the QVW file associated with a QlikView Publisher/QlikView Reload Engine task? Check QMC > System > Setup > Distribution Service > QDS@ > General tab > Application Data Folder field and append \1\Log\<date>\,time.\,app name> folder to confirm the location.


          Hope this helps


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            John Repucci

            Hi Chip, thanks for the response.


            I do have the "Generate log file" enabled in the .qvw and --IF-- the document reloads rather than hangs, the log file shows up next to the reloaded application when the reload finishes.  However, the log file ONLY shows up when the reload has finished.  This is a change of behavior from v11.2 SR9, when the log file would show up as soon as the .qvw started reloading and it would update as the reload was progressing.