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    Dual Expression with a set Expression inside

    Dawn Surguy

      =DUAL(NUM(COUNT({$<[NPS Type] = {'Detractor'}, [Topic_Summary] = {'Clear Value for Money'} >}[NPS Type])/COUNT(Total [NPS Type]),'###.#%') & chr(10) & ' Detractor',COUNT({$<[NPS Type] = {'Detractor'}, [Topic_Summary] = {'Clear Value for Money'} >}[NPS Type])/COUNT(Total [NPS Type]))



      Above is the formula I am using to get the results of my % of Detractors.  Following this I have the same expression only for my passives and promoters.  I need them to display in that order so I am using the dual expression.  I have the Topic Summary as one of my list boxes and if I select the "Clear Value for Money", I get exactly what I am looking for "50.5% Detractor". 


      The problem is I want it to hold that value even if I do not have it selected in the list box.  When I select any other option in that list box, or nothing at all in that list box, I get 6.9% Detractors.  Can anyone tell me what I need to change in the formula for it to always only show me the topic summary "Clear Value for Money"?