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    Migration questions : Qlikview 11.0 SR2 to 12.1 SR3

    Antoine Pierens



      I have some questions before upgrading - in fact setup new machines and killing the old ones - from Qlikview server & publisher 11.0 SR2 to the last release of Qlikview v12.1 (SR3).


      1) Can we have temporary licences for the setup period, in order to prevent impact on the current environments (as 2 Qlikview servers can't be up with the same license) ?


      2) We use a Salesforce authentication for one application, and on the current IIS server a Qlik consultant gave us a specific Authenticate.aspx and sso.dll four years ago, I assume we need these files again ? Is the Qlik support able to give us these 2 files ?


      3) Under the link https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Subsystems/Server/Content/QlikView%20Server/QVSRM_Upgrade.htm, I see we can "Copy the QVPR folder and the .ini file" from the old to the new server, is it possible from our quite old 11.0 Qlikview version ?


      4) Is there any other trap regarding a migration from 11.0 SR2 to v12.1 (SR3) ?



      Thanks for your help !

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          For 1) you have to talk to your closer Qlik sales rep, but yes, it is possible.


          2) Again, you will need to check with the Qlik consultant who developed that. If it works at the level of IIS, it should keep working now, if everything, you will need to install the right .NET libraries.


          3) Yes, it is possible, but this between those versions have changed a lot, so it might not just work.


          4) "Traps", I don't know, big changes in the backend yes, there are several. I would rather test extensively your applications for some time until you get accustomed to the new experience of QlikView 12, specifically performance, loading times and data model.

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            Chip Matejowsky

            Hello Antoine,

            Would suggest you check the QlikView v12.10 IR Release Notes which has a section on "What's New in 12.10." https://da3hntz84uekx.cloudfront.net/qlikview/12.10/12100/QlikView%2012%2010%20Release%20Notes.pdf. The Release Notes for v12.10 SR3 contains some of the bug fixes contained therein.


            Pay specific attention to The quarantine period for a named CAL is increased from 24 hours to 7 days.


            Hope this helps


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              Antoine Pierens



              After some tests here are my feedbacks on the migration for the moment :


              - Copy paste our old .shared files to the new server seems ok, the bookmarks are kept which is fine (note : an official Qlikview tool to optimize the content of the shared files would be great !).


              - Be careful at 2 side effects : some sorts disappeared, and we have to untick "Presentation / Suppress Zero-Values" to show again 0 values in the graphs.


              - Contrary to 11 versions, to allow external program you have to put equal 1 the "AllowExecuteCommand" in C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikViewBatch\settings.ini

              - No impact on security / section access, the behavior is the same.

              - The QMC is really faster, no latency times at all, which was a real problem to us before.

              - For the performance is it not possible to compare as we have new servers for Qlikview 12, but a Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690 v4 (35M Cache, 2.60 GHz) seems a good choice at a not so expensive price.

              I hope it will help you in your migration projects.

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                Vasily Petrenko

                We've also made a migration from 11.20 to 12.10 recently so I'd like to add some additional observations that might be helpful to others.


                For beeing able to test 2 environments in parallel without license interfering, we've just made some network settings that prevent servers from seeing each other. I.e. no single packet could pass from production 11.20 server to test 12.10 server. This is an alternative approach for obtaining special test/migration licenses from Qlik, simple in deployment and quite workable.


                After deployment of test environment we copied all QVW/QVD content and manually duplicated all settings and tasks. Than we've been observing it's work for about two weeks, comparing all data flows and dashboards with their production analogues. Almost all applications worked as expected, with several exceptions that seem to be specific to a new QIX engine.

                1) some Text-to-Num conversion algorithmes that weren't quite correct but worked in 11.20 now changed behaviour and return error. For instance Text(Num([Field])) (where Field contains values like 0101 that are to be converted to 101) now needs to be replaced for Text(Num(Num#([Field])))

                2) TOTAL <DimensionField01, DimensionField02> construction in particular expression now fails when DimensionField01 is labeled with any phrase that matches any other field name used also here like DimensionField02.

                For instance Sum( TOTAL <[As-Of.Date], [Date]> [Sales] ) with [As-Of.Date] labeled as [Date] - fails.

                This is a very rare case I think, but if you face it you may be embarassed as I was. Fortunately the solution was simple - just removed unnecessary fields from TOTAL exceptions.

                3) QV Desktop Clients (and corresponding IE Plugins) 11.20 are not quite compatible with 12.10 and failed to provide expected behaviour on common cases so we had to migrate our user client software also. We prepared an MSI installation file and successfully deployed it via Windows AD Group Policies.


                Also I very liked a Publisher's new functionality graceful retry. I've set number of tries as 2 for majority of long tasks, and now if reloading was succesful but distribution failed, QDS makes another try but starts with distribution stage instantly.

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                  Kevin Pinto

                  This is a useful thread.  Thanks for the original post and for the many good replies.


                  A question:  Can the Desktop Client version 11 and version 12 co-exist on the same system?  Does anyone have any experience with this?

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                      Chip Matejowsky

                      Hi Kevin,

                      So you are wanting to run a 11.20.XX version of QlikView Desktop and a 12.10.XX version of QlikView Desktop on the same PC? It isn't possible to install both versions on a single PC using the installation .exe files.

                      It was possible in version 11.20 to extract the QV.exe file of another build version of QlikView Desktop than what is installed on the computer from the .msi package using a tool such a WinRAR or 7-zip and place the QV.exe file in a separate folder/directory. That QV.exe file could then be launched when needed. I haven't tested this with version 12.10, but you may be able to do the same thing. Please note that this is not a supported scenario by Qlik Support and should only be used for testing puposes.

                      Hope this helps,


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                        Rob Wunderlich

                        It is possible to maintain multiple versions of desktop on a single machine. I retain many different version to test out customer problems. Here's how you do it.


                        1. Install some version, perhaps 11.20 SR15.

                        2. Copy the contents of C:\Program Files\QlikView to a new folder C:\QlikView11SR15.

                        3. Install another version, perhaps QV12 SR6. This becomes the default version.



                        When you want to run the QV11.20 SR15 version go to the C:\QlikView11SR15 folder and double click  qv.exe.

                        You can do this as may times as you want. I usually save off my current version every time before doing an upgrade.