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    Add/Subtract in load script

    Mike Slottje

      Hi guys,


      I have to make a hard coded correction in our loading script to get proper values in a certain situation.

      Now I've written the following script where Document No_ 1234 has a value of circa -200.000:



        "Document No_" as [Invoice Number],

        num(date(42735, 'DD-MM-YYYY')) as %key_Date,

         Amount * -1 as [Nett Amount],

        (Amount * -1) + num(10000) as [Nett Amount new],

         99999 as [%keyBill-to-Customer],

          1 as [Currency Factor],

          'Actual' as [Scenario]

      FROM [my location]


      WHERE MATCH([Document No_], '1234');


      The Amount is a given value retrieved from a database (-200.000 in this case) and a positive correction of 10.000 should be made by a simple sum. When I have a look at the result of the sum to get the Nett Amount new, the result is 40.000 where it should be -190.000.

      I'm obviously making a foolish mistake, but it would be great if you guys could explain how to do such an easy sum in the loading script.