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    YTD in Qlik Sense

    Amir Jaber

      I am trying to get the YTD sum of Debit - Credit. This is based on [TRX Date].


      I have tried the following but it's only returning 0.




           [TRX Date]= {"<=$(=max(total([TRX Date])))>=$(=YearStart(date( max( total [TRX Date]),'DD/MM/YYYY'),0))"},





      As a side note, I tried to modify the code from the answers to the following threads but neither one worked

      Current YTD vs Previous year YTD | Qlik Community

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      YTQ, QTD, MTD and WTD




      Edit: I forgot to mention that the YTD should be based on the maximum selected [TRX Date] in the filter (and not based on Today())


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