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    Qlik Sense Mashup resources

    Fernando Greco

      Hello, I'm trying to reproduce in Qlik Sense Mashup the solution that was pointed out in this thread: PDF export in mashups from cristian.dan

      Repository: GitHub - cristiandan/qlik-export


      What I'm doing, and I think that I'm lacking QS Mashup understanding is:

      1. Create a Mashup with the name "testmenu"
      2. Go to the server and load the entire repository inside the mashup
        1. Go to the mashup, and get a lot of 404 for the files that are being loaded from the html
      3. Go to the dev-hub/mashup-editor
      4. The mashup with the files "testmenu.*" are loaded correctly but the rest of the files are missing
      5. I tried extending the wbl file with the rest of the files but what I'm able to see in Mashup editor is:



      Qlik Sense server was restarted, but nothing changed.


      Can you give me a hint on what I should do? It's a bit strange that I can't load resources for a mashup in this way.


      Best regards!