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    Error message while opening Qlikview 12.1 SR3 applications on access point : "You do not have permission to view this directory or page."

    Antoine Pierens



      We are installing Qlikview 12.1 SR3 on new servers, despite I can access to the access point I have the error message "You do not have permission to view this directory or page."  when I open any application.


      We use IIS 8 (not Qlikview Web Server) on Windows Server 2012, Qlikview parameters are set to DMS authorization, Prohibit anonymous, Ntlm Authentication Type, and IIS parameters are set to Enable Windows Authentication


      The Windows authentication works because I can see my Windows identifer under Favorites & Profile on the access point.


      I checked https://qlikcommunity.qliktech.com/thread/45497 but nothing worked.


      Do you have any idea of what we could do ?



      Thanks for you help.