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    GetFieldSelections does not work for dimensions

      HI All,


      When I use GetFieldSelections(MyDimension) it returns no results.

      If I used it like GetFieldSelections([The_Expression_I_use_In_My_Dimension]) it works fine.


      Is this behavior by design or I'm not using the right syntax.

      For example: MyDimension: If(MyField = $(VMyVar), MyField, Null)

      GetFieldSelections(MyDimension) - no results

      GetFieldSelections([ If(MyField = $(VMyVar), MyField, Null)]) - works as expected.

      Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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          Sunny Talwar

          Not entirely sure what you are trying to do, but try dollar sign expansion may be



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              Thanks for responding.


              I need to identify a value selected in a calculated dimension.

              The GetFieldSelections function only works if I put the expression instead of the dimension name.

              I have lareday tried the suggested syntax, to no avail unfortunately.


              In my case I need calculated dimensions as I use the filters from qsVariable input, but this is a different topic.

              To reproduce the issue I'm asking about simply try to create a dimension that concatenates 2 fields and then use GetFieldSelections first with the same concatenation expression - that one would work and next with your dimension name, that one won't work.

              I'm trying to understand the cause of this behavior - bug or feature and if there's a way around it.


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                  Andrey Khoronenko

                  Hi Andrei,


                  Can we see a small fragment of your source data, for example in Excel and what do you want to get as a result on them?




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                      Hi Andrey,


                      Thank you for your response.

                      I created a simple app but I can't attach it.


                      The issue still can be reproduced, though.


                      In the loader create table Items as:


                      LOAD * INLINE

                      [OrderDate, Code, Quantity

                      '2017-03-01', 'ISBN0001', 3

                      '2017-03-01', 'ISBN0002', 5

                      '2017-03-01', 'ISBN0003', 9

                      '2017-03-02', 'ISBN0004', 1

                      '2017-03-02', 'ISBN0005', 2

                      '2017-03-02', 'ISBN0003', 1

                      '2017-03-02', 'ISBN0001', 1

                      '2017-03-03', 'ISBN0002', 1

                      '2017-03-03', 'ISBN0004', 3

                      '2017-03-05', 'ISBN0010', 5

                      '2017-03-05', 'ISBN0002', 1

                      '2017-03-06', 'ISBN0005', 1




                      Create a new sheet, name it Items Summary

                      Create new variables;


                      Name: vCode Definition:  Code

                      Name: vOrderDateStart Definition:  OrderDate

                      Name: vOrderDateEnd Definition:  OrderDate

                      Create 2 variable objects called DateStart and DateEnd and associate them with the vOrderDateStart and vOrderDateEnd accordingly.


                      Create the following dimensions:

                      OrderDatesInRange:If(OrderDate >= '$(vOrderDateStart)' And OrderDate <= '$(vOrderDateEnd)', Date(OrderDate, 'DD/MM/YYYY'), Null)

                      CodesInRange: If(OrderDate >= '$(vOrderDateStart)' And OrderDate <= '$(vOrderDateEnd)', Code, Null)

                      CodesInRangeNotWorking: If(IsNull([OrderDatesInRange]) = True , Null, [Code])



                      SelectedItem: If(Code = GetFieldSelections([=If(OrderDate >= '$(vOrderDateStart)' And OrderDate <= '$(vOrderDateEnd)', Code, Null)]), Code, Null)

                      SelectedItemNotWorking: If(Code = GetFieldSelections([CodesInRange]), Code, Null)


                      If you  bring them to the sheet and enter the date range between 01/03 and 03/03 for example you will see that CodesInRange shows the codes associated with the entered dates while CodesInRangeNotWorking still lists all codes.


                      If you select 1 of the codes SelectedItem will show it but SelectedItemNotWorking will not.


                      The difference is that in the not working dimensions I refer to another dimension name, while in the working dimensions I use the full expression,


                      I hope this makes more sense.


                      If there's a way to attach the application, please could you let me know how to do so and I will attach it.


                      Thank you in advance for your help.