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    Enable Virtual proxy for Dev Node

    Karthick Venkatachalam

      HI Experts,


      I would want to enable Virtual proxy to a Development Node of 'Multi Node QS Production environment allowing Development' however the status of it is 'Disabled'. Can you help ?


      Dev Virtual proxy.png



      1) In my case there are 2 types of users,

           Business Users - Who would login to Central Node Hub and create only visualisations on top of the Model.

           Business Admins - Who would login to Development Node Hub and build\create apps (Scripting, Reload, etc). The query posted above is for this type of users. To ensure only Admins can access the Dev hub (Business users should not access), we are creating a virtual proxy, link it to Dev node and assigning access to Admins to utilise the proxy.


      2) No proxy service is running in the Development Node.



      Karthick V.