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    Color difference in Bar Chart after applying ColorMix

    Goutham V

      Hello All,


      I wanted to have customized colors for different campaigns, So i applied expressions to get that in Colors and Legend section by removing auto. After applying different colors for bars even though i'm getting color differences for different campaigns, there is slightly color difference when it comes to second dimension.


      My goal is to maintain the same color in all the dimensions i have used.


      Attached below for a reference


      From the above attached figure:

      For the Camp4/18-4/30 we have same color code in both A and B, but if we look at C, D, E those looks different.


      Formula i used in colors and legend:

      ColorMix2( (rank(New_Campaign_Name)/(noofrows(TOTAL)/6))-1 ,rgb(0,112,200),rgb(142,180,227),rgb(198,217,241))





      In data load editor:











      If(SubStringCount(batch_name,'CRF') and SubStringCount(batch_name,'LPC'),'CRF & LPC',if(wildmatch(batch_name,'*CRF'),'CRF',If(SubField(campaign_name, '_', 1) = 'Existing','Existing',if(SubField(campaign_name, '_', 1) = 'New','New',batch_name))))  as Segment_Name,

      'Camp' & Replace(Left(RIGHT(campaign_name, 21),5), '-', '/') & ' - ' & Replace(Left(RIGHT(campaign_name, 10),5), '-', '/')

      As New_Campaign_Name

      Resident CustomCampaignTable  Order by  batch_meta_data_id, campaign_id  desc;

      Drop Table CustomCampaignTable;


      Another graph which i'm getting correct color code is:





      Same data load editor as given above.


      Waiting for your valuable replies,,,


      Best Regards