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    Scatter plot but using dimention for each axis

    Celine Xu

      Dear Sir and Madam,


      I attached my dataset with Q.  And I also attached a graph I want to show as a reference here(using Sisense created this).

      I want to do a scatter plot, but use only dimensions rather than measures  as X and Y axis

      is that possible?


      want to use 1. the phone name as the X axis. (only chose the top20 phone name ranked by count(SubID))

                 and use 2. Age  as the Y axis


      and could I also add one more dimension as 3. the size of the plot (using the avg(payment))?



      Seems I can not use the 1. dimension as x, y axis

                                              2. change the size of the bubble size according to the 3nd dimension