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    Displaying certain values in a field in a line chart

    Casey McDonald

      Very new to QlikSense, never used QlikView, and haven't done any scripting before.


      I have uploaded data with a field called "STATUS_Group" for work orders. Within that field, there are only three values, "Closed", "Open", and "Pre-Open." There is also a "DATE_REQUESTED" field which displays the values as "mm/dd/yyyy".


      I'm trying to create a KPI object that just shows a total count of all "Open" and "Pre-Open" values for the current year.


      I'm also trying to create a line chart where the Date is the bottom dimension, the count is the Y dimension, and there are two lines on the graph for "Closed" and "Open", with the "Open line representing all the "Pre-Open" and "Open" values.