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    Create a calculated Pareto dimension involving Select

    Phalgun Parvathaneni

      Hello all, I have a part of the dataset as follows:


      Vendor       Sales    Type    Type1   Code

      A              1300        C           M      1234

      B              2200        N           S       1235

      A              1400        N           M       1236

      B              2100        N           M       1237

      C              2500        C           M        1240

      A              300          N           M        1239

      C              900          C           M        1240

      D              3200        N           M        1241

      B              2000        C           S         1242

      D              1500        C           S         1243

      E              1100        N           M         1246

      F              3500        C           M         1245

      E              1500        C          M          1246

      G              1400        N          M           1247

      H              600          C         M           1248

      H              900          N         S            1249

      G             1200         C         M            1247

      Now if we perform a Pareto analysis on the above data, we see that the Vendors C,E,G and H are in Bottom 20%. Now I'd like to select the records of these Vendors with Type='N' and Type1='M'. So the dataset reduces to:

      E  1100   N    M   1246

      G  1400   N   M    1247

      Now for these codes in the entire dataset, I'd like to display a stacked bar chart giving the amount Under the type 'C' and 'Top 80% N'(ie, Top 80% Vendors in Pareto among only Vendors in Type N). So the Type C here would display 2700(1500 from E and 1200 from G). The Top 80% N part would display 0 as neither E or G come under Top 80% in the Pareto done on only type 'N'.

      If anyone can help me achieve this entire process(right from selecting only data from Bottom 20% of Type1='M' and Type = 'N' to the end) which seems very complicated and is just beyond me at the moment, I'd be really really grateful. TIA!