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    SQL script dunno how to write in QlikSense need help.

    Adam Gałęza

      Hi Everyone,


      Im new employee in QLIK in my company.


      I hav problems about Two script lines from my example sql procedure:


               ,ISNULL(B.[Dimension Value Code],ISNULL(F.REGIONKL,'')) REG_DIM


      I try to write code at Qlik as :


      IF(IsNull("Dimension Value Code"),IF(ISNULL(REGIONKL),'',REGIONKL),"Dimension Value Code") as REG_DIM,




      But My records don't have at all that same values like i will exec full script from SQL.

      This is only small section from this code. Whole procedure is much more big, but i didnt saw more operations on this values.

      Why i hav problems. That same "company name" from one table hav additional region and country in record, but for other record isn't.