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    Aggregate(Sum) in Straight Table Excludes Values

    Justin Dallas

      TL;DR Addition of Measure to Table excludes rows that don't have data matching the set requirement ({<IsRollingThirtyLeg={1}>})

      Hello Folks,


      I've got a Table which pretty much just shows the contents of a table, except for one column.  It's a measure and it looks like this:


      SUM({<IsRollingThirtyLeg={1}>} lgh_miles)


      The strange thing, is that when I add this measure to the Straight Table, the only rows that are brought back are ones that "have lgh miles over the past 30 days".


      Has anyone ever seen this happen before?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.


      EDIT: Changing my measure from


      SUM({<IsRollingThirtyLeg={1}>} lgh_miles)




      SUM(if(IsRollingThirtyLeg='1' , lgh_miles))  fixed it.  I'm not sure why.


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