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    QlikSense keeps crashing my computer

    Shuhel Miah



      QlikSense keeps crashing my machine. This has been the case for several months. I have updated to the latest version, but still with no resolve. I can't identify any specific sequence of actions that cause it to happen, but it seems to happen more while in the data load editor. It's not restricted to a specific file/qvw neither, and has happened in a new qvw with very little data. I have checked the windows logs, but can't see anything obvious in there. I have monitored resource usage to see whether that could be the cause, however it came in at 21% CPU and 62% memory when it crashed.



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          Michalina McAllister

          Hi there,


          Issues you are describing above are rather very general - there could be so many reasons for this! When you are saying that Sense is crashing your pc, do you mean this happens during reloads?


          It would also be good to know what is the available ram etc and if you tried to run your code on any other machine with Sense? what is the sample new script that caused this problem? Do you have any tables there that could potentially create multiple synthetic keys? Both Sense and View were sometimes crashing on me when forgot to drop some temp tables etc, causing multiple synthetic keys. (not saying this must be the case here, but it happened to me on multiple occasions).

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            andrew palmer


            I am experiencing constant crashing of Qliksense desktop v3.2.4.  I only want to develop a small app before transferring it over to the server version used in my workplace.


            I think this may be related to the Qlik Extension for "Radar Charts" which I needed to install for a Proof of Concept app.

            Has anyone else experienced this with Radar Charts?


            I haven't used Qlik very much but I already want to move to Tableau or Power BI!