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    Map KML Issue

    Henry Esparza

      I have a KML file that works great by itself. It has 3 fields (only 2 are being used). One is the KML polygon data and the other is the name. Sadly, the name is in numerical value so I made a excel sheet to link to the KML so that the name can be what I need it to be (County Names). I want to hover over the polygon and get that name rather than the numerical value. 


      I add data and use the "Countycustom7.AreaMap" as data and then it gives me the option to use the "KeyCounty_State" as the name, thats exactly what I want to do. But when I qlik it, all the data is null. It does not actually associate the data although i proply linked the two by the "County ID" number.


      Can anyone help? Please view images.
      Thanks in advance.