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    antony qvw

      Hi Experts,



      I have created Fiscal calendar based on the DOJ(date of joining) and DOL(date of leaving)

      Generated the dates(CalDate) From DOJ to DOL for each emplyoyee.

      If emplyoyee has no DOL , then generated the dates(CalDate) till today from DOJ



      Till now It's working fine.No worries.



      But Performence prespective I want to reduce the data


      I don't want to load all the dates from DOJ to DOL or till date

      Instead of this, load only MonthEND date



      For example,

      Emp1  has only DOJ(25-Dec-2016)

      Now generate the dates from DOJ to till date(i.e 25-Dec-2016 to Tilldate(07-Aug-2017))



      As we created calendar we can the dates from 25-Dec-2016 to Tilldate



      But here my requirement is



      Only Load instead of loading all the dates








      Instead of load all the dates for Jan-2017 load only Monthend date (31-Jan-2017)

      Instead of load all the dates for Feb-2017 load only Monthend date (28-Feb-2017)


      For July-2017 Load only 31-Jul-2017







      3-Aug-2017........till 07-Aug-2017



      How to accomplish this?



      am sharing my dummy Excel file(which I have exported from qlikview)


      Can some one help me out in this??




      Awaiting for your response!!!