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    Graph help

    Joshua Russin

      Hey everyone,


      Having some issues with this graph. I can get it filtered all the way except when I try to filter by client_CD. If anyone has any comments or help, please let me know. I'm probably overthinking this one, but just can't figure it out. I am trying to get the total of Client complaints from Jan, 2016 from Biomet in a bar graph.


      Graph under QI graphs.

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          Sunny Talwar

          Just responded in your other post, but the issue is extra space after the word Biomet


          Count({$< Year_CD = {"$(=Year(FirstWorkDate(ConvertToLocalTime(Date(now()), 'GMT-05:00'),1,$(vHolidays)))-1)"},

          Division_of_Occurance_CD = {'Olive Branch'}, Type_CD = {'CAPA-AF', 'CAPA-CAPA', 'CAPA-COM', 'CAPA-NMR'}, Client_CD = {'Biomet '}>} Num_CD)