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    Help with corrupt app

    Justin Taylor

      I have a Sense app that is acting like security is screwed up.. but it's not.  I can see the app in my stream.  I can open the app but none of the sheets appear.   If I duplicate it and look at the data load editor, there is nothing.  If I export it and open it with sense desktop, I can see the sheets and can see the data.


      The app is published to a stream where I have read permissions as a member of the group that gets access through security rules.  I am also a root admin.  There is no sheet level security on the app and I can view other applications within that stream just fine.


      I have checked the app by loading two browsers - one open to the hub on the central and one open to the hub on the second node.  (Qlik sense 3.2 with synchronized persistence).  Looking at the same app (but on two different servers) shows the central blank but it shows fine on the second node.  After a time-out period and reloading, the central will be fine and the second node will be blank.


      Here's where it gets weirder - I get that this is a corruption issue-stuff happens - move on.  I created a new app and copied in the data load info.  I then created the variables and master items.  I then copied in the visualizations from a working (at the time) copy.  This new app behaves the same way.  Whatever the problem is has followed me.


      What steps do you suggest I take to?  Can this be fixed?  Where should I look?

      thanks for reading and your suggestions.