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    Restrict Loading Complete Data from Salesforce

    Prashanth Reddy

      Hi Experts,


      I have a situation to load a limited data from Salesforce and map to my flat file.


      For ex, I have 2000 Opps (Opp Numbers) in my excel file and I need to extract related fields info from salesforce table "Opportunity".


      Current Process:

      I'm loading 2000 Opps from file and joining to Opps data from Salesforce.


      Problem is, Salesforce extracting complete data of opportunities and joining to my 2000 records. It is taking hell lot of time.

      i.e. Extracting almost 20laks records and mapping to 2k records.


      In the same way we have couple of tables to extract.


      Sample Scropt:

      Load OppNumber from .... xls;

      Inner Join

      Load OppNumber, Name, Amount from Opportunity; // It is a Salesforce table


      Is there any way to do it?