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    How to get the filter result for a selected range of Date.

    Ipsita Mahapatra

      Hello Team ,


      I have started using Qlik sense few months back so i will need your help in framing one of my report.

      I will need to have result like, list of customers based on selected range of their registration date.

      For example, if I will select one filter date as 11/05/2016 and another date as 30/10/2016, then i should get the result as the list of customers those who have registered between the date 11/05/2016 to 30/10/2016.

      I am using ODBC and SQL Db string as my data connection.

      Could you please help me how to achieve this.

      One more query I have, do we have any option of calendar date picker in Qlik sense. I guess it is possible in qlik view but i am not sure about how to get calendar in Qlik sense.