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    Multi value Slider variables in Set Analysis

    Deepak Vadithala

      Dear All,


      I am using a Slider (object) with Multi value with TimeStamp. I had attached the screenshot for your reference. And I am using the following expression to calculate the value for Current Hour.


      COUNT({$<TimeStampValue = {$(=($(vMaxCurrentTime)))} , Q_No ={'Q1'} >} Resp_ID)


      However, I wanted to look at multiple continious hours, like 6 AM to 10 AM. I am saving the values in variables... like Minimum & Maximum value to calculate the time. But I am not sure on how to integrate the range in the above expression. Something like this... (Highlighted in red color for readability).


      COUNT({$<TimeStampValue >= {$(=($(vMINCurrentTime)))} AND TimeStampValue <= {$(=($(vMaxCurrentTime)))} , Q_No ={'Q1'} >} Resp_ID)


      I hope this makes sense...


      Many thanks in anticipation!


      Cheers - DV