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    How to get average total, count per month?

    Minnow Noir

      I am trying to plot the average transaction count and total value per calendar month (e.g., we average 20 transactions, and $100M, in September each year) in a bar chart from a table that has the date and value of each transaction. 


      Say I have the following table that has the date and value of each transaction (only showing transactions from last and current September for simplicity):


      Date, Value

      9/1/16, 100.00

      9/2/16, 200.00 

      9/1/17, 300.00

      9/2/17, 400.00 


      With this data, we average 2 transactions, and $250.00, each September.


      I created a master dimension on calendar month ([Txn Month]), which is just Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.


      I added a bar chart.


      I set the dimension to [Txn Month].  I don't know how to express either measure.  Based on what I found on this forum, I tried using


      Avg(Aggr(Sum([Value]), [Txn Month]))

      Avg(Aggr(Count([Value]), [Txn Month]))

      but nothing shows up in the bar chart other than the [Txn Month] axis dimension values. (No bars show up for either measure.)  I tried adding just the Aggr() expressions to tables to see what was in there, but nothing displayed.

      Any ideas?



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          Stefan Wühl

          Do you see the total value for the month when just using




          ? If not, you need to check your data model and data (e.g. Value needs to be interpreted as number when reading in).


          For your averages, try


          =Sum(Value) / Count(Value )

          =Count(Value) / Count(DISTINCT Monthstart(Date) )


          Instead of Monthstart(Date) (which also only works when Date is interpreted as date showing a dual value with a numeric part), you can use any field that represents a unique Month & Year combination.