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    how to combine after generic load

    Prithvi K

      I have need to have column values as column names, and now I want to combine into single table. How can I achieve this. Please help



      ID   NAME,      VALUE

      1       name1     val1

      1      name2      val2

      2      name1      val3

      2      name2      val4

      3      name1      val5

      4     name2       val6

      3     name1      val7

      4     name2        val8

      5     name3       val9

      I have done a genric load and got separate tables , but I would need to get like below


      ID     name1     name2      name3

      1          val1         val2

      2       val3            val4    

      3       val5          val6                     

      4      val7             val8  

      5                                           val9