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    Counting if .... is greater than AND...

    Leo Harper

      Hi All,


      Here's my data:



      EmployeeCall TypePhone Number
      JohnWork07100 123456
      JohnPersonal07100 123456
      JohnWork07999 654321
      SarahWork07123 456789
      SarahWork07456 567890
      SarahPersonal07000 787878
      JohnWork07100 123456



      The end result will look like this:


      Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 21.32.25.png


      So what I'm trying to calculate is:

      show me the phone number that has been used for both work and personal calls (and only these numbers)

      I tried something like this as the measure function in a bar chart count(call type = 'work'>0 AND call type = 'Personal'>0) - obviously this doesn't work - please can someone provide a formula to do this??