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    Waterfall Chart to Read from Pre-Calculated Table

    Wajih Atallah

      Good morning, appreciate please someone to help me as I need this by next week!


      I have a table that takes pre-loaded data and calculates metrics from it, called Impact A, Impact B...these Impacts are things like Data 1 - Data 2 or Data 2 X Data 1...calculated figures from pre-loaded data.

      I am interested in taking the SUM of these Impacts, then putting them in a waterfall.

      Please see attached. As you can see I am unable to link the waterfall to the SUMS in the table. I type "Impact A" in the waterfall but it is not taking it or worse it gives me a different number than the total.

      Is there a way for the waterfall to read from calculated items in the table?


      Thank you,