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    % in pivot table

    Daniel Kuba

      Hi everyone,


      I long time didnt work with Qlik, so I forgot many knowledge about it. Maybe I ask for something easy, but for me is now really hard.


      I made pivot table. In row I have weeks (week 01, week 02 etc.). In column I have count material in different areas. It is area A, area B and area C. Throught Filter pane I set filter to see only count of material with Movement 1 (I have few different movements and I need see only movement 1) . And now I have in pivot table almost all numbers that I need, but I need add how many %  count materials in each area it is and I dont know how.

      Most sympliest result is convert it to Pie chart, then in Pie chart I see % that I need. But I need see % in column inside my pivot table.

      Please can anyone help me?


      Thank you.