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    Show max & min values filtered by type in a table

    Cinta Hofmann



      in my data set, I have an object type (e.g. plane, car, etc.) and the corresponding values (cost of buying, current market price, reselling value etc.). I'm trying to make a table that has the object types in one column, and then one column for the maximum and minimum values per object type respectively. I also need to insert a drop-down menu to choose between market price, buying costs, and the other values.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? I know there's a drill down function for dimensions, but that doesn't seem to work for tables. I also have many different object types from different firms that I can't all insert manually, so Qlik has to choose/show them itself.


      So the formula needs to do something like "Show max/min MarketPrice OR BuyingCost OR SellingPrice (depending on what's selected) BY distinct object type", and show that in a list corresponding to the individual object type in the row.


      I'm really grateful for suggestions!