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    Customers who didnt buy a product

    Motty Gal

      Hello Experts.


      Our sales department want to see customers who  bought\didnt buy a given Product.

      My data set is deliveries table which contains the data per delivery line(Including product, customer and date of delivery)

      their thefinition for "didn't buy" is:

      (Customers who bought anything in the time period chosed(which means that they have at least one delivery line)) - (Customers who bought the certain product in that given time period)

      Now, Marking the customers who bought is easy, But how can i Create the first group? I Tried all sort of set analysis but with no luck and i prefer not to build a Customer\Product\YearMonth\Buy Table becuase of it's size.


      I know the Qlik "by nature" shows you these values in the filter but they want it in a pivot table which would contain to measures:

      1. cutomers who bought(each one has the value 1

      2. Customers who didnt buy (marked by 1)


      The dimantions would be Cutomers, Sales manager, Area Sales Manager And maybe Year/month.

      How can I achieve it? (Other Ideas of representing the data are welcomed).