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    Set analysis - constant values regardless of the filters

    Sofia Vaz

      Good Morning,


      I am trying to create a KPI that shows the number of orders in arrears, according to the intervals that I defined:

      1 day late

      2 to 3 days late

      4 to 6 days late

      7 to 15 days late

      +16 days late


      In addition to the number of days in arrears, I need to consider two other constraints: vMissingUnit <0 and OrdStatus = confirm.


      I want to show the number of overdue orders for each of the ranges in different views and so I need to write 5 expressions.

      I started with some like this but it is not working:

      1 day late -

      Count({1<vNoDaysLate={"1"}, vNoMissingUnits={"<=1"}, OrdStat={"CONFIRM"}>}ItemOrd)


      2 to 3 days late -

      Count({1<vNoDaysLate={"2,3"}, vNoMissingUnits={"<=1"}, OrdStat={"CONFIRM"}>}ItemOrd)


      I want these values to be constant regardless of the filters in use in my app.

      Can someone help me, please? Thank you!