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    New measure caculation

    celine xu


      I have a products hierarchy here : Category--Subcategory--Product name, the measure is daily Sales

      I want to create the line chart, have a line represent the 'overall Subcategry' performance as benchmark,(average (all product performance))

      and then have other lines represent individual 'Product performance'

      so I think I need to create a new measurement. Where could i find more info regarding how to create this type of new columns?

      Currently, i am using R do the data processing first and then move in to Qliq sense cloud for visual. Any chance I can achive most of calculation within Qlik sense? want to learn more.

      But, if that possible,  that needs to be dynamic according to the subcategory I choose. Is that possible?

      or I have to calculate all the single Subcategory sales first, then place them in the database and tag it within the Subcategory

      then visualize it?