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    Top Customer vs Top Products

    sam pusala

      I am planning to achieve below 4th table for Top Customer vs Top Products.

      Example:  have simple below 3 table charts results for sample Inline data added bottom.

      All data in simple tables:

      Expected result:

      sample data:


      Load * Inline [
      customer, product

      'abc', 'p1'
      'abc',  'p1'
      'abc',  'p1'
      'abc', 'p2'
      'abc', 'p3'

      'pqr',  'p1'
      'pqr', 'p2'
      'pqr',  'p2'
      'pqr', 'p3'

      'xyz', 'p5'
      'EEE', 'p1'