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    When to drop tables. (From a RAM perspective)

    Vishnu Chakravaram



      Just wanted to get your thoughts on dropping tables.


      Consider this:


      When would it be optimal to drop a table? Immediately after it's purpose is served or could we drop all of them at the end.


      The reason why I ask is because I've developed a solution (using a subroutine) to automate the process of storing and dropping the tables.


      This subroutine is something that I append at the end of my script. So, the tables won't drop until they reach this part of the script.


      Say, hypothetically, I drop the tables immediately after they've served their purpose, would it improve the way RAM charecterstics in anyway? Since, tables are being removed from Cache?


      For smaller apps it may not matter but I work for a large enterprise who want to be very 'IT Efficient'. So, I was just curious.


      Please let me know your thoughts.