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    Problem with inputfields on qlikview 10

    Telmo Duarte

      We had an document on v8.5 that was having performace issues so we decided to have a go with QV10.

      After reloading the document in QV10 I realized not everything was working,  mainly the inputfields.

      I found someone suggesting here that we should always had an unique ID to avoid issues with inputfields. So I used Rowno() in the table that contain the inputfield and it all looked fine. But it wasn't!

      We load the inputfields with a default value of '0'. After a reload that value is keept but even if you save the document, close and then when you reopen it , the inputfield will have values from 0, 1, 2, 3, ... onwards...


      It sets values to the inputfield just by closing an reopening the document.


      Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas of what needs to be done to fix it?

        • Problem with inputfields on qlikview 10
          Toni Kautto

          My initial guess is that your issue is related to the data set containing NULL values or data model contains synthetic keys, meaning that your chart object shows rows that do not really exist in your data. Your description sounds a bit strange though, so please attach a sample QVW to make evaluation of this a bit easier.


          In case the app contains sensitive data, please use sfcrambling fucntion to make fields unreadable;

          Settings > Document Settings > Scrambling


          Also feel free to remove objects (company logos) that are not relevant to this problem, to make the app even more anonymous.

            • Problem with inputfields on qlikview 10
              Telmo Duarte

              Toni, I don't have any NULL values on any of the key fields of the table in question or any synthetic keys in the data model.


              Basically I have 3 tables, each with a inputfield.

              This is what I'm doing on the script:


              Inputfield input_price1;





              '0' as input_price1,



              I then have a 3 pivot tables with an expression that will take the corresponding inputfield value if different from '0'.

              The problem I'm having is only with one of the tables/inputfields.

              I created a list box with the field input_price1 and after reload all values are '0' which is correct. So I save the document, close it and then when I open it again, the values change to 0,1,2,3,4....etc.. up to a bit more than the number of records.


              How is that even possible?

            • Problem with inputfields on qlikview 10
              Hamish Donald



              Another method might be to create an in-memory table with just a key field and the input fields using a 'from' load, then rely on the associated join to use the input fields as before.


              It means creating an extra table but it would at least put an explicit table in your data model that shows what is going on with the input fields.


              This seems to work in my test environment - I'd be interested to know if anyone else is using the inputfields in this way,





              • Problem with inputfields on qlikview 10
                Matthias Hufnagel

                I had the issue with v10 SR3.

                When I opened the project in v9SR2 (because I have it as our previous version still on my machine), reloaded the data, saved the document and then opened it in v10SR3 everything was fine and I can edit the input field now.