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    count duplicates in a column

    Victor GREFFET

      Hi community,


      Still stuck on the problem related here  :

      Remove duplicates


      I'm trying to count the number of duplications that i have in my database for one field, I mean after loading my DATA, adding a column like that :


      Ref 14
      Ref 14
      Ref 14
      Ref 21
      Ref 31
      Ref 41
      Ref 51
      Ref 61


      Do you have an idea ?





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          Chanty 4u

          In qlikview when you read the fields if there is same records it will show single value if it is not associated with any value or field. Also if you count the field you get its count result.


          like see the difference in the script results



          Count(Distinct Field)

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              Victor GREFFET

              Thks for your reply,


              Load distinct Reference or load Reference is the same for me because this is not exactly the same line in duplication, the ref is the same but I can have additionnal values in other field.

              In the case below, load distinct Ref would give me 2 line. and I want to keep only the yellow line.